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"An Uncommon Bench, a small building by architect Christopher Alexander and associates"

CoEvolution Quarterly, Fall 1984

"Mechatronics and Flexible Specialization for Architecture, Engineering and Construction:  harnessing the new paradigm in manufacturing to change the way we design and construct buildings"

Fifth Annual Symposium of Fellows, DOE Integrated Manufacturing and Processes (Washington DC, National Academy of Science, 2001)

By Pete Retondo:

Before & After Bathroom Makeovers

"Japanesque" pp. 94-97

Sunset Books : 2007


Marin Independent Journal (front page)

New Rooms for Old Houses

"A Bay Area Beauty," pp. 128-135

Frank Shirley, Taunton Press : 2007


San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

Pete Retondo's work has been featured in numerous books and articles: