Representative Projects

3rd Story Addition

New bedroom, bath and deck with views added to San Francisco home.

Rammed Earth House*

17,000 square foot home with rammed earth walls.
*Ecological Design Institute, Pete Retondo Project Architect

Shingle Style Home*

Complete renovation and additions to a classic shingle home in San Francisco.
*DSGA, Pete Retondo Project Architect

Library & Guest House

Conversion of a century old farm utility building, with 2nd story addition, on the Petaluma River.

Mirene, ex-tugboat

A 65 foot vessel given a new life as a mobile floating home, moored at Waldo Point on Richardson's Bay

Attic Addition

Victorian renovation and conversion of attic to 2nd story in San Francisco

Vineyard House*

New residence and guest house in Sonoma County.
*DSGA, Pete Retondo Project Architect

Meadowlark House

Farm residential / center.  6500 square foot new building in Sonoma County

Pete Retondo Architecture Design

North African Ostrich

Incubation and hatchery facilities in Kelle, Niger, a ground-breaking effort to save the North African Ostrich

Amity House

New residence in Amity, Oregon featuring ground-source heat pump heating and cooling

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